Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top Ten Disastrous Festival performances

Virgin Media has compiled a top ten of the most disastrous festival performances ever:
1. Rolling Stones, Altamont, 1969
2. Stone Roses, Reading, 1996
3. Bay City Rollers, Futurama, 1983
4. Meat Loaf, Reading, 1988
5. Morrissey, Madstock, 1992
6. Kevin Rowland, Reading, 1999
7. My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco, Reading, 2006
8. Daphne and Celest, Reading, 2000
9. Bad News, Monsters of Rock, 1986
10. 50 Cent, Reading, 2004
Read more here: Top Ten Disastrous Festival Performances

Actually, I reckon Daphne and Celeste triumphed by completing their two-song set. And where are The Rasmus, gloriously bottled off at Reading? Or Steel Pulse who met the same fate in 1983?