Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Reading live sets online

Over at the Indieglo blog, there are a whole load more Reading Festival highlight sets online in both audio and video form, including:
And also:
Phew, should keep you busy downloading for a while! They're mostly not complete sets, but it's great to hear half an hour each of those mighty performances from NIN and Dinosaur Jr again.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Post-festival facts and figures

Ever wondered what the after-festival clean-up operation involves? Here's the facts:
  • 16 tonnes of rubbish were collected
  • That's 5000 sacks
  • The clean-up took 600 man-hours
The charity collection for Give Me Shelter yielded:
  • 3000 tents
  • 2000 air beds and camping mats
  • 1800 sleeping bags
  • 1800 camping chairs
  • 1000 'soft items' (presumably pillows, etc)

Reading Festival safe

The future of the Reading Festival appears safe after organisers Festival Republic bought 65-acres of the site. This brings Festival Republic's land ownership of the site to 191 acres. The rest belongs to Reading Borough Council. Festival Republic boss Melvin Benn said "This is a very important piece of land and acquiring it was essential to the continuation of the Reading Festival." 
Let's hope they improve the quality of the facilities now they own the site - and build a bridge across the river to the car park!

Reading Festival: The Book

Okay, this has been out since just before this year's festival, but I've had time to read it, and it's excellent. Packed with anecdotes from artists, festival-goers and the organisers, as well as masses of pics to bring memories flooding back (or show you what you missed through drunkenness or absence). The only thing it's missing is the line-ups from each year. Apart from that, it's a corker! Get it from Amazon here.