Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reading/Leeds review in NME

Today's NME contains a large review of the Reading/Leeds Festivals (strangely no mention of Black Tide - what were they thinking about?!). Also, the now traditional aerial photos of the festival sites. Try and spot your tent. It's actually pretty thin coverage of the festivals, with a bias towards Leeds, and I couldn't find any mention of The Ting Tings storming set, either. On sale now, for £2.20.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

White car park fire

12 cars were destroyed and nine damaged in a fire in White car park at Reading. The fire was apparently caused by a festival-goer attempting to have a barbecue by their car. This set fire to the dry grass in the field and quickly spread to other parked cars. What a moron. Coming back to the car park to find your car destroyed would really ruin your weekend. If anyone knows anything about the fire, or who started it, contact Berkshire Police.

Reading highlights on BBCi

The BBC is showing extended highlights from Reading all this week on its "red button" interactive service, with sets from one band each day:
Wednesday: Editors
Thursday: Biffy Clyro
Friday: Metallica

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Film showings at Reading

There will be movie screenings at Reading after the music finishes. The cinema runs from midnight – 4.00am in the Dance Tent.

Here's the line-up:
Sunday: I AM LEGEND (15) + CLOVERFIELD (15)
+ SHORTS PROGRAMME (See Cinema tent for details)

They built a bridge!

Good news for White car park ticket holders - Reading organisers have built a foot bridge across the river, so the wait for ferries should be eliminated. On the downside, however, you will now have to exchange your ticket for a wristband upon entrance to the site (ie when you're loaded to the gills with tents, sleeping bags etc). There are a number of other changes to the general campsite layout, which can be seen on the latest site map (click to view/download, depending on your browser). Here's a JPEG of the map, which you can also click to see (but it's not as big):